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About Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh the heart of incredible India celebrates the rich history of civilization, arts, culture and festivals. It is the land of Legends and Saga that is dotted with fascinating monuments. The rock shelter caves of ‘Bhimbetka’ identify the life of pre – historic man is a world heritage site with breathtaking beautiful paintings. ‘Khajuraho group of temples’ constructed by Chandala Rajput kings is a celebration to universal spirit of love is also a world heritage site. The ‘Sachi Stupa’ the expression of faith and dedication is another world heritage site is homage by the King Ashoka to his teacher the Buddha. ‘Jai villas palace’ and the ‘Gwalior fort’ dominate the city of Gwalior like a great monolith. The ‘Mahakal temple’ of Ujjain dedicated to Lord Shiva enshrines one of the 12 jyotirlingas. ‘Taj-ul-masajid’ one of the largest mosque in India. ‘Orcha palaces and temples’ built by Bundela rulers during 16-17 centuries still retain their pristine perfection. ‘River rafting’ at river Betwa is a exhilarating experience. Viewing the majestic waterfall called Duhadhar or smoking cascade of river Narmada is wonderful experience. Evergreens of ‘Panchmarhi’ offer stunning viewpoints and lovely waterfalls. ‘Hand-woven Chanderi and Maheswari silk sarees’ are popular all over India. ‘Khana, Bandhavgarh, Penna and Pench’ are home to amazing variety of wild-life. Rudyard Kipling the writer of famous Jungle book finds his inspiration in these forests. It is truly a land where time past is preserved in present.
Naturalists enable you to unwind the riddle called Bandhavgarh amid your stay as they control you through Jungle safaris, nature strolls, elephant rides, flying creature viewing and untamed life films. Every individual from the Wild Chalet group guarantees that each visitor is furnished with flawless administration, solace and warmth of a home far from home where Rudyard Kipling wove the otherworldly story of the Jungle book. Bandhavgarh palisade with Sal and Bamboo forest is well known for the famous ‘Bandhavgarh National Park’ and is the home for variety of wild –life. The density of Tiger population is among highest known in India. The park has rich bio – diversity with about 37 species of mammals, more than 250 species of avifauna and no. of reptiles and butterflies. The safari to the National park is a pure bliss for wild – life lovers. The closer look to wild - life in their natural home will enrich your experience and will make it an unforgettable one. If lucky enough you can have a glimpse king of all ‘the Tiger’.

The Sun Resort at pristine location surrounded by forest of Bandhavgarh won’t disappoint our guest if they are planning a trip to Bandhavgarh National park. The resort will give you feel of home away from home. Away from the hustle and bustle open your eyes in the morning after the comfortable sleep by the sing of birds and go for the nature walk around the village to relax. Staff is helpful, caring and polite ready to serve the guest with smile on face. Satisfy your taste bud with the mouth watering food served by our restaurant. The restaurant is known to serve the local food which will fill your tummy but will left you with desire for more. Our resort offers true value for the money spent.